Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Byron cafe puppy

We sat in the sun this morning with my son's excited chatter and we drank good coffee and ate bagels and jam and listened to the jangle of people being happy & sad and chatty & quiet and interesting & boring. The waiter had shaved his head but as he stood looking down at us to take our order, the sun at his back formed a halo around him and an abundance of long hairs growing out of his ears made him look cute, like a puppy. My husband said he looked like a nice person, he had smiling eyes, the perfect eyes for a restauranteur

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Apron strings

A few weeks ago I wondered how many miles it was to the snow, as I sat here shivering and smelling it on the breeze. My daughter will have arrived there now, after 1600 miles on the bus. She has never been this far away from me before, I feel the stretch of the apron strings like an uncomfortable muscle strain. I sleep fitfully worrying about her and the worst scenarios play out in my dreams. I want to laugh at myself for my silly fretting but I realise I have to let her go, it will be more comfortable for both of us.